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Are You Tired Of Trying To Figure Everything Out Yourself?
Not anymore. 
We are giving you access to the biggest industry leaders so you can steal their secrets to success and implement them in your business right away. Imagine that you are literally given the playbook to success!

These Industry Leaders Made The Mistakes And Learned The Hard Lessons Costing Them Revenue, Opportunity Costs And Actual Hard Costs So You Don't Have Too.

Watch The Videos Below To Learn What Is Included In Your Free Trial Of Jam Sessions

 Benefit #1 - Secrets From The Most Successful Contractors In The Industry 

30-45 minute videos - ($287 Value) 

 Benefit #2 - Playbooks 
To Make Implementation Easy 
($129 Value)

 Benefit #3 Action Plans – The Exact Playbook To Success 
($97 Value)

 Benefit #4 - Take-Away Videos – Help You Focus On The Big Ideas 
($49 Value)

 Benefit #5 - Food For Thought – Reveal Hidden Opportunities 
($67 Value)

 Benefit #6 - Accountability System – Make Sure You Implement 
( $97 Value)

  Benefit #7 Downloadable MP3 – For Convenient Listening  

($29 Value)

  Benefit #8 Word For Word - For You To Read Along 

($27 Value)

  Benefit #9 - Weekly Knowledge Bombs - Quick And Easy Actionable Ideas 
($201 Value)

  Benefit #10 - Monthly Group Coaching Call – Ask ANY Questions 
($247 Value)

Results-Driven Advice from Experts

Jam Sessions is a monthly video series for home service companies, by home service companies focusing on how to grow your business. 

These exclusive videos feature top-performing business owners across the nation who want to give you their insider secrets and ideas. 

More importantly, they share their step-by-step playbook on what and how they are having success, so you don’t have to figure out how to implement.
And right now, you can try it for FREE for 7 days.
We have visited HUNDREDS of businesses, stole there most successful ideas and made them our own. The problem with that... flying across the country visitng businesses is hard work (and expensive). We found a way to bring those AMAZING businesses owners to you!
We Grew Our Family Contracting Company From $6.5 Million to $120 Million If We Can Do It So Can You!
One of the biggest reasons for our success was how many amazing contractors and businesses we visited sharing ideas back and forth.
Here's how it works...
Step 1 - Sign up for our FREE 7 day trial. 
Step 2 - Steal some amazing secrets from some amazing contractors.
Step 3 - Make hundreds of thousands (sometimes Millions) of Dollars off the Free Playbook.
Step 4 - When you decide you love JAM SESSIONS, let us know and we will set you up.

We are so Confident You will love Jam Sessions 
not only are we giving a FREE 7-day trial... 
But after the trial, we also offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 


Rather than me just talking about the results the concept of Jam Sessions has been able to create for me and my families 120+ Million Dollar HVAC company, even more importantly, let me show you what Jam Sessions has done for some of the thousands of contractors we have helped with this👇

As most small businesses we found ourselves experiencing growing pains. After years of trying to figure things out on our own, we finally accepted the fact that we need to bring in some outside help. That is when we happened to cross paths with Clover. As usual, I vetted the company and eventually gave them a call. Since the beginning, we have been very impressed with the expertise and attentiveness we have received from Josh & Laura Kelly. They give tremendous value and really care for their clients. True professionals!!
David Carpenter - Complete Comfort
"Clover Marketing and Consulting is the real deal. Our company has been in business for over 60 years, so we have a little history in this area. The experience in marketing combined with their knowledge of our industry is a powerful game changer! This marketing/business consulting approach allows them to tailor their programs to our current business model while working with us to achieve our plans for the future. They are not just consultants, they're an integral part of our business!"
Brett Wright - D&H Air Conditioning & Heating
"I love Jam Sessions! Super smart industry leaders sharing great tips in snack-sized bites. Very practical and actionable! Thanks!"
Ellen Rohr - Zoom Drain
"Anyone thinking of signing up to Jam Sessions 100% absolutely do it. I cannot recommend it enough."
Doug Davis - The AC Doctors
"If you’re looking to surround yourself with incredible talent to grow your business, Clover Marketing should be on your shortlist! Josh Kelly knows what he is doing."
Brigham Dickinson  - Power Selling Pros
"Josh is an industry expert his solutions are proven and actionable and will assist in improving a variety of KPI's in your business."
Sean Dinel - Lennox
“It was just so eye-opening that I could not, not join. Growth patterns have been phenomenal since I've joined Jams Sessions, and I thank you guys for that.”
Ernie - Filter Services Of Indiana
“I love that Jam Sessions gives me the opportunity to learn more, and I get to work with a great company that I trust and believe in.”
 Stephanie - We Care Air
"A great service that any business can benefit from! They have extensive knowledge on marketing, training, sales and management. I highly recommend!"
Mark Atherstone - Wrench Group
"We signed up with Clover in 2019 and it was the best decision we made all year - with their guidance we were able to go from $8k/month in revenue to $100k/month in just 12 months of working with Josh & Clover!"
Tash - Tash Rizzo
"Jam Sessions help contractors like myself get knowledge from the best in the industry and to me that is invaluable. I would 1000% recommend Jam Sessions to other contractors."
Anthony McCarthy - Electrician Of 30 Years
"I look forward to every Jam Session that comes out. I would definitely recommend Jam Sessions. It pays for itself in minutes. "
Ken Ahrens - King Heating & Plumbing
Steal the best ideas
from the best contractors
from all over the world...
from your living room!
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you get With EACH JAM SESSION
  • Secrets From The Most Successful Contractors In The Industry – (30-45 minute videos) ....($287 Value) 
  • Playbooks To Make Implementation Easy....($219 Value)
  • Action Plans – The Exact Playbook To Success....($97 Value)
  • Take-Away Videos – Help You Focus On The Big Ideas....($49 Value)
  • ​Food For Thought – Reveal Hidden Opportunities....($67 Value)
  • ​Accountability System – Make Sure You Implement....( $97 Value)
  • ​Downloadable MP3 – For Convenient Listening.... ($29 Value)
  • Word For Word - For You To Read Along.....($27 Value)
  • ​Weekly Knowledge Bombs - Quick And Easy Actionable Ideas...($201 Value) 
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call – Monthly Group Coaching Call – Ask ANY Questions...($247 Value) 
That's well over $1,000... FREE!
You'd actually be crazy to let this opportunity slip by!

If You Act Now, You Can Start To Get Access To Proven Industry Secrets. 
For A Limited Time Only We Are Giving Away A 7 Day Free Trial.

If You Act Now, You Can Start To Get Access To Proven Industry Secrets. 
For A Limited Time Only We Are Giving Away A 7 Day Free Trial.


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So, what happens after 7 days?
After seven days, your trial will expire, so you have a choice to continue receiving Jam Sessions or not. The Choice is yours, but we know you will love this information and stay ;-) most people do!
Is there a guarantee?
We have a 100% Money back guarantee! If you are not ecstatic about how valuable Jam Sessions is, you will get your money back. All we ask is for you to show us you made a real attempt to implement the ideas, sound fair enough? 
What’s next?
All that's left is getting you your 7-day FREE access to Jam Sessions! Click the blue box below to get started!
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