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Stop Guessing at Culture, Start Winning it

Culture is vital to your business because it shapes your identity and therefore your growth, paving the way for success and a lasting legacy. 

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Content and Coaching designed to help YOU 

Stop Guessing at Culture, Start Winning it

Culture is vital to your business because it shapes your identity and therefore your growth, paving the way for success

Lifetime Access, One time $400.00 Payment

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Do you want to know the SECRET that most successful contractors never tell you how they stepped back from working in the business so they could actually work on the business?
Do you want to stop having to worry about the right things happening when you are not around?
Do you want your team to have autonomy and trust the decisions they are making are the right ones all the time? 
Do you want to have a better life by building a bulletproof culture that attracts and keeps top talent?
If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above you're in the right place 

Stop Guessing at Culture, Start Winning it

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Fixing cultural issues can often feel like throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing if it sticks. Adjusting strategies constantly when it doesn't work wasting time, energy, effort, and resources in the process. 
Remove the guessing and enroll in our Culture Masterclass today and get the proven strategies for cultural change today.

Proven. Simple. Actionable. 
Ideas are only valuable if they lead to actionable change in your organization. 
In this course, you will get everything you need to create a winning culture: step by step guides, a proven playbook to stop guessing, and much more to start moving the needle today. 

With us, Winning is Simple

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Building a Winning Culture Course 
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  • Module 1 - Culture Matters 
  • ​​Module 2 - It Starts with You 
  • Module 3 - Water Flows Down Hill
  • ​Module 4 - What you Repeat is Repeated
  • ​​Module 5 - Cultural Stability 
  • ​Module 6 - Elevate Story
  • ​Bonus 1 - Expert Access - Access To Culture Expert Austin 
  • Bonus 2 - Accountability System – Make Sure You Implement 
  • ​Bonus 3 - ​Playbooks - To Make Implementation Turn-Key

Growth Guaranteed

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We are so confident that our program will change your life and business forever, that we have a 100% REAL Money Back Guarantee surrounded by three main promises. 
  • Promise 1: We Promise that when you implement what you will learn in Building a Winning Culture your business will GROW.
  • ​Promise 2: We Promise that when you implement what you will learn in Building a Winning Culture your business will become MORE PROFITABLE.  
  • Promise 3: We Promise that when you implement what you will learn in Building a Winning Culture your business will become MORE FUN.

If these promises are not true after doing business with us, you receive a full refund. 

What Contractors are Saying

5 out of 5 on 74 reviews

"I would say that Clover is the best group I have ever worked with thus far. I'm super satisfied, and would recommend to anyone looking to grow and change their thinking of the business. Clover genuinely wants to help companies grow in this space, and you do not typically find that!"
Adrian Stephenson
Owner of Any Day HVAC 

AC By J Growing 25% Every Year 

Parker And Sons Growing $6.5 to $100 Million+

Clover goes above and beyond with their service. I started using Clover roughly two years to help with marketing. I get much more than just coaching on marketing. Josh has accountability meetings with me every week regarding business and decision making. The weekly bombs we use in the company to simplify our systems. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s all here. If I need something I cannot find, Laura or Josh will have or get the answer. Thank you Clover
Rusty Cochran - Owner - We Care Plumbing Heating And Air
Josh and his team have done a great job of bringing some new fresh ideas to our team. Their experience in marketing an HVAC business is excellent! I highly recommend them to help you grow your company.
Michael Rosenberg - Rosenberg Heating And Cooling
As most small businesses we found ourselves experiencing growing pains. After years of trying to figure things out on our own, we finally accepted the fact that we need to bring in some outside help. That is when we happened to cross paths with Clover. As usual, I vetted the company and eventually gave them a call. Since the beginning, we have been very impressed with the expertise and attentiveness we have received from Josh & Laura Kelly. They give tremendous value and really care for their clients. True professionals!!
David Carpenter - Manager - Complete Comfort
"I love it! Super smart industry leaders sharing great tips in snack-sized bites. Very practical and actionable! Thanks!"
Ellen Rohr - President - Zoom Drain 
"Before we started learning from Josh, we felt like we were going in circles, spinning our wheels if you like; since we started learning from Josh, we have the necessary accountability and tools and we continue to experience growth."
Ken Ahrens - King Heating & Plumbing
"We are so excited to grow our business and reach our goals with Clover Marketing! Josh, Laura and the Clover team help in every possible way they can!  What sets this team apart is that they generally care about their clients, they follow through quickly on their promises and maybe most importantly, hold you accountable for your success. Josh has answers for almost any issue in your business and he makes solving those problems easy. If you're looking to grow your service business why recreate the wheel? Partnering with Clover is the best investment you can make!" 
Stephanie Allen - Owner - Air Works 
"Clover Marketing and Consulting is the real deal. Our company has been in business for over 60 years, so we have a little history in this area. The experience in marketing combined with their knowledge of our industry is a powerful game changer! This marketing/business consulting approach allows them to tailor their programs to our current business model while working with us to achieve our plans for the future. They are not just consultants, they're an integral part of our business!"
Brett Wright - D&H Air Conditioning & Heating
Since joining Clover they have provided all the answers I had to date to help me with my business and a lot more on top of that which we can also use. Great company and people!
I'd highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their business!
Gareth Kelly - President - Dream Team - Plumbing Electric Heating Cooling
"Our service company, H.C BLAKE has been in business since 1884. We have been blessed to work with many outstanding companies, individuals and organizations who have helped us along the way. Josh and Laura at Clover certainly are among the finest and mesh perfectly with our culture. Their dedication to excellence and implementation systems and support network have allowed us to in one month see phenomenal changes and their assistance with our growth plans no doubt will take us to the next level. Thanks guys!"
Sara Fair - Owner - H.C. Blake Co. Inc
I would argue the training from Josh has been one of the most important aspects of our business
TJ Wilson - Owner - King Heating And Cooling
"We signed up with Clover in 2019 and it was the best decision we made all year - with their guidance we were able to grow by 25% in just 12 months of working with Josh & Clover!"
Tash - Owner- Tash Rizzo
"JOSH is hands down in the top 3 best operators in the nation so not only do you get a badass marketing team you get to talk and get advise from HIM!!!!"
Ismael J Valdez - Owner - NEXGEN HVAC & Plumbing
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